• Ultraquip Blenheim Marlborough Car Trailer Transporter Hirepool rent hire Ultraquip Blenheim Marlborough Car Trailer Transporter Hirepool rent hire
    Our car trailers will move cars up to 4.3M x 1.95M with ease. The trailer is designed with a tilt tray, hand winch  and ramps, to allow for the effortless loading of vehicles. Each trailer has a solid floor for rigidity and several tie-down points to secure the vehicle during transport. The unit is hydraulically braked and fitted with LED lighting, so it will handle 12V and 24V towing vehicles.  
  • Our dual axle flat deck trailer has been used for transporting a number of different items. The deck measures 4.23 M x 2.23 M, and has a deck height of only 620 mm, making loading and unloading easier. This trailer is braked, allowing for a maximum trailer + cargo combined payload of 2500kg.
  • Our standard tandem axle Furniture Trailer measures 3.0 m long x 1.7m wide x 1.9m high and will make moving furniture faster and safer. The tail gate is spring loaded for easy use and access, and the entire unit is water tight and can be secured.    
  • Our standard 6x4 trailer is ideal for general hauling of material such as landscaping materials and refuse. The longer drawbar makes backing the trailer easier. This trailer is unbraked.
  • Our 3-axle trailer is designed for hauling large or heavier load. The deck measures 4.95M x 1.90M but only has a deck height of 630mm. The braking system allows payloads (combined cargo + trailer weight) of up to 3500kg depending on the towing capabilities and towbar rating of the towing vehicle. Ramps are also available for loading machinery.
  • Our caged dual-axle trailer measures 3.0M x 1.83M and has a cage height of 1.2M. It is designed for hauling heavier cargo such as firewood, demolition refuse and general building and landscaping materials. The dual-axle configuration is hydraulically braked and has a total combined payload (trailer+contents) of 2500kg.
  • Our lockable luggage trailer is ideal for  taking care of luggage for large families, sports and school groups. The trailer has 1.8 m3 luggage capacity with an internal height of 1000mm, so is easy to load. The single axle configuration is easy to tow and maneuver.  
  • Our Walco 350 Spreader is ideal for spreading materials such as lime. The hopper has a 350 litre capacity and will typically hold 250kg+ of material such as urea. The spinner is optimised to ensure even spreading and will spread up to 12 metres width at 15 km/hr The unit is 1500mm wide and will operate on most steep or narrow terrain.


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