The range of Kobelco SK20 excavators provide 25% more power than the standard 1.7 MT mini excavators yet tip the scales at only 2125kg.

The 19HP 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel provides plenty of hydraulic power when and where it’s needed. But it’s the smart design and a bit more space that sets this class of excavator apart from the competition. The wider base allows the digger top operate with a swing-dump range of 180 degress but still within a working space of 2.2 meters. The longer base length of 1.9M helps provide more operator room, making it better suited to extended work periods without undue operator fatigue.

These excavators are supplied with three standard buckets plus the in-built dozer blade and are loaded on a dedicated dual-axle trailer. The gross weight of the excavator plus trailer package of 3200kg limits hires to customers with vehicles with suitable towing capacity, or we can deliver to your site within the Marlborough region. Please contact us for information on delivery options or to make a booking.

This excavators is designed to hitch up with our AugerTorque 2500 Post Hole Borer attachment, for effortless digging multiple post holes.