Ultraquip Marlborough have a wide range of Concrete Equipment, either for creating new concrete spaces, or improving or removing existing concrete structures. Many Marlborough Construction Professionals and DIY home handymen alike rely on Ultraquip’s range of concrete equipment due to our wide range and helpful advice and services to get people the exact tools and machinery they need.

Concrete Mixing

First things first, after you’ve prepared your site your ready to mix and pour concrete. Ultraquip have a range of concrete mixers to help you get the job done right. Choose from petrol or electric operation, whatever suits you best. Two of our mixers are towable with your vehicle, the other has a collapsible stand for easy transport. Check out our models below:


Towable Concrete Mixer 4HP Petrol

Belle Electric Concrete Mixer

Able Towable Concrete Mixer – Petrol


Concrete Installation

Ultraquip supply a wide range of concrete install and pouring tool and equipment. Everything you need, multiple tools for installing a simple concrete pad such as trowels, screeds and floats, or specialist tools like the Concrete Flicker for roughcast applications, a rebar bender for doing your own reinforcement, and a Brick Saw for cutting bricks, pavers and other masonry.

View our full range below:

Concrete Tools & Accessories


Concrete Demolition

We can help you install concrete but we can also help you get rid of old concrete structures. ‘Out with the old’ happens before ‘in with the new,’ and our Concrete Breakers can crack through the toughest concrete, or you can use the simple sledgehammer, or our Tile Remover for when you need tiles removed.

Check out our range of Concrete Demolition tools below:

Concrete Breakers


Tile Remover