The Ultraquip Truck Range

Ultraquip have a variety of high quality trucks available for hire, all well-maintained and capable to taking on a wide variety of tasks. Here is a run down on the Truck Hire options available at Ultraquip in Marlborough, and some of the things that our clients use them for.


Tip truck

Kennards Porter Hire Hirepool TruckHire Rent Borrow AceWe have a number of Tip Trucks available, all with a payload of 3 tonne, meaning you can drive them on a regular class 1 drivers license. They make moving bulk loads of material and waste with super easy off-loading compared with regular trucks or trailers, which need to be off-loaded by hand.

Our clients have put our Tip Trucks to use in a wide variety of areas. 

In construction, they are often used to transport sand, gravel, concrete and other loose construction bulk supplies like aggregate.

For earthmoving, these Tip trucks can move large quantities of soil or excavated material to and from different work sites.

In Landscaping they are useful for transporting mulch, topsoil, decorative stones or material that needs to be removed from the site.

Waste Management: Some tip trucks are used for collecting and transporting waste or recycling materials.

Farmers use them to transport crops, seeds, livestock feeds or fertilizers. And in roading applications they are used for maintenance and repair work, such as hauling large quantities of asphalt or gravel, with very easy off-loading making for quick movement of material from site to site


Furniture trucks

furniture truck hireWe have three sizes of Furniture Truck available. 

Our Largest, known as the “Duck Truck”, owing to the cartoon duck on the side, can carry up to 3.7 tonne and is great for when a very large amount of furniture or stock needs to be moved. To drive the Duck Truck you need a class 2 drivers license, and it features a very handy tail lift that makes lifting heavy objects onto the truck deck very easy.

Our Medium & Small Furniture Trucks can be driven on a standard car license. The medium-sized “Rock Truck” can carry 19m3 and also features a tail lift for easy loading. The small Furniture Truck can fit loads up to 13m3 and has a low floor height to make loading by hand possible, with no tail lift involved.

Our clients have used these trucks for a wide variety of purposes over the years, including residential and commercial furniture moves, delivery of furniture and other large items, estate cleanouts, event and exhibitor transportation and more.



ute truck hireUltraquip’s Ute range feature  2wd, 4wd, flat deck, well-side, single cab, extra cab or double cab options. They can tow up to 3500kgs and feature automatic transmission to make driving easy..

Our Utes are popular with visiting Business and Sales Representatives, especially those that need to access remote and rural areas where a regular rental car cannot go.

Meanwhile, Event Organisers who are visiting temporarily often need a strong vehicle to move equipment, displays and people from place to place, and they often come to us as a result.

Our Utes are also appealing to those who need a bit of extra power to pull a trailer, or any other large cargo such as a boat. 


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Whatever your Truck and Ute Hire needs, our team at Ultraquip in Blenheim can supply you a perfect solution. All our hire equipment and vehicles are maintained to the highest standard so you can guarantee excellent performance and safety.

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