Our Auger Torque Excavator Augers are designed for drilling numerous post holes with the minimum of effort. The Auger Torque 2500 is the ideal accompaniment to our Kobelco 2.0 and 2.5 MT excavators.

The Earth Drill 2500 features a robust efficient hydraulic motor capable of running at up to 240 Bar pressure.  Torque is amplified by using the unique Auger Torque planetary gearbox, guaranteeing efficiency and reliability and up to 2847 Nm of torque. The non-dislodgement shaft design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out, making for a safer work environment for workers within the work zone., not only for the operator but also any surrounding workers.

Depending on soil type this unit will dig holes of up to 450mm diameter.

Select an auger from our range of 50mm, 250mm, 300mm and 450mm augers (additional hire cost applies).