Our Hilti TE70 Combi-Hammer offers drilling torque with impact power.

The 1.8KW 240V motor drives a unit that will handle drilling diameters of 12 – 40 mm in concrete. The high seed rotation of 360rpm, combined with 11.5J per single hammer impact ensures you will get the job done quickly. To safeguard the operator the Unique Active Torque Control (ATC) feature of this Combi-Hammer stops the motor when the drill bit snags or binds and the tool begins to rotate about its own axis.

The ergonomics are optimised with a centre of gravity close to the grip for optimum balance.

This Combi-Hammer is designed for hammer drilling in concrete, masonry and natural stone (20 – 150 mm diameter), drilling holes for heavy-duty anchor (20 – 40 mm diameter), drilling with high torque in hard wood and steel, and breaching and demolition work using with pointed or flat chisels.